District Team

District Commissioner

Greg Cook

Email: Gregory.cook@live.com

Deputy District Commissioner

Margaret Tyler

Email: margarettyler35@sky.com

Deputy District Commissioner

Martin Greenwood

Email: martinrgreenwood@googlemail.com

District Explorer Scout Commissioner

Richard Goad

Email: DESC@croydonscouting.org.uk

District Scout Network Commissioner

Cari-ann Bailey

Email: Croydon.network@blueyonder.co.uk

District Youth Commissioners

Emily Cruttenden / Aidan Devaney / Megan Young / Jake Belcher

Email: yc@croydonscouting.org.uk

Assistant District Commissioners (Beaver Scouts)

Andrew Davies / Tana Danielson / Franchesca Taylor

Email: beavers@croydonscouting.org.uk

Assistant District Commissioners (Cub Scouts)

Mandy Giles / Jack Wensley / Peter Pearce

Email: cubs@croydonscouting.org.uk

Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)

Jordan De Saa

Email: scouts@croydonscouting.org.uk

Scout Active Support (Manager)

Vacant – Refer to DC

Email:  sas@croydonscouting.org.uk

Assistant District Commissioner (General Duties)

David Martin

Email: davemartin56@hotmail.co.uk

Assistant District Commissioner (Nights Away)

Vacant – Refer to DC

District Training Manager

Jon Slade

Email: jonslade@blueyonder.co.uk

District Chaplain

Revd. Andy Dovey

Email: andy.dovey@me.com

District Mobile Climbing wall

Contact:  Martin Greenwood

Email: climbingwall@croydonscouting.org.uk

PR & Marketing Committee

Steve French

Email: pr@croydonscouting.org.uk

Membership Enquiries

Tel No:  0845 2658311

Email: info@croydonscouting.org.uk